The 6th 51Give Protect the Ocean, Clean the Beach Event

On November 10, 51Give volunteers launched the 6th beach cleaning event. There were 11 Chinese volunteers and 9 international volunteers (including 3 children). They gathered at the bus stop outside of the Deep-sea Institute at 9:00am. Then the gate to the beach was opened by the security guard. Volunteers arrived at the unknown beach near the gathering place at 9:08 am, the beach cleaning began.

After spending roughly one hour of cleaning the beach, 20 volunteers cleaned up a total of 69 kg of garbage, including: 20kg bottles (mostly Nong Fu Spring Water and Master Kong Spring Water bottles), 3kg iron pot, 10 kg baby carriage, 4.5 kg foams, 31.5 kg miscellaneous waste. Bottles were collected by a garbage collector Mr. Li and were sold for 10 yuan to fund the next event. The remaining garbage including one fishing net and three large foams were pulled away by two partners from Intercontinental Hotel for centralized disposal.

This unknown cape is mesmerising and quiet.Thanks to all the volunteers who participated in the beach cleaning event and the Intercontinental Hotel who helped transfer the garbage. In the next few months, the cape will have time to restore to its original natural beauty. The cape has been used by wedding photography companies to shoot wedding dress photos. We strongly urge these companies to follow the Chinese law to protect the environment and not throw litter at their photo sites. How could a wedding photo be filled with happy memories if the result is the illegal act of permanently damaging a protected ecosystem. For believers of karma, this act itself is not a good omen for the beginning of a life long marriage.

Sanya still has amazing natural scenery. We really hope you can have a chance to see it. Please reach out to protect this fragile environment. Our children’s survival depends on our actions today!

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