Volunteers help do many things

1. Join 51give team

2. Attend our 51give events

3. Help organise our 51give events

4. Help write 51give articles

5. Help translate documents that support the cause

6. Make music videos

7. Make videos and promotional material

8. Help promote 51give activities

9. Help with fundraising - companies and individuals

10. Help our neglected beaches and ocean

11. Advocate for more legal and governmental protection of social issues

12. Help increase public awareness by spreading our articles

13. Notify media of our positive actions

14. Spread positivity and love everyday

15. Care about social issues and use positive, loving methods

16. Support Peace, Harmony and Love

17. Strive together to create a better Earth, a prosperous China!

Specialthanks to Sanya DJ Mr. T for inspiring us to make this ‘What can volunteers do’ tweet.

If you are interested in being a volunteer, please add our group administrator WeChat and join our volunteer network.

If you are interested in 51give updates and activities, please follow our 51Give WeChat and 51Give Weibo official account.