On September 21, six security guards of Meiyoudi Cultural Media Company violently expelled the caring public individuals who went to the beach to clean up the garbage, and pushed the man to the ground.

The written reply to the complaint reporting the matters at hand from the Comprehensive Administrative Enforcement Bureau of Sanya Jiyang District, which is hung on the iron gate (which stipulates that the iron gate at the entrance of the gate shall be open 24 hours each day and do not obstruct the public’s passage) and the public sign written in Article 9 of the Constitution of the People's Republic of China was randomly thrown away on the ground by the workers of company.

Around 6pm, 110 officers filmed the progress of the incident on the spot, but did not stop the violent expel caused by the security guards of the company. Subsequently, the victim called the police and the Director of the Banshan Bandao local police station arrived at the scene. The situation has yet to be effectively resolved.

Article 9 of the Constitution of the People's Republic of China (amended in 2018) stipulates that all natural resources, such as mineral deposits, waters, forests, mountains, grasslands, unreclaimed land and beaches shall be owned by the state, that is, by the whole people. Forests, mountains, grasslands, unreclaimed land and beaches that are owned by collectives as prescribed by law shall be excluded. The state ensures the rational use of natural resources and protects precious animals and plants. Appropriation or destruction of natural resources by any organization or individual by any means is prohibited.

Therefore, Meiyoudi Cultural Media Company has no right to privately block access to the beach and prevent citizens from entering.

Update: the international worker was pushed to the ground landing on his buttocks immediately causing left hip pain. After 120 Ambulance treatment, the diagnosis was a left thighbone fracture.

The departments involved in this incident are as follows:
Sanya Jiyang District Tourism Cultural Bureau
Sanya Luhai Industrial Co., Ltd.
Sanya Tourism Development Committee
Sanya Jiyang District Luhuitou Police Station

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