Trash Running founder Ms. Katalin (Kate) Sogor and its member Mr. Leigh Hallam arrived at Shimei Bay, Wanning on the afternoon of Christmas Eve December 24, 2019. Shimei Bay is one of the beach cleaning stops of the Trash Running in Hainan tour during the 360km run from Haikou to Sanya. The other 2 stops are Haikou and Sanya. The Trash Running in Hainan tour is a joint activity between Kate, Leigh, and 51Give.

Kate and Leigh have run through some beautiful places, but they feel saddened by the amount of trash they saw on the way, scattered all along the roadside, mainly thrown from cars. Trash was also found in rural areas, particularly where there were a lot of workers in the fields, and in the towns and villages. Sadly, the attitude still seems to be to disregard rubbish anywhere. The only clean areas on the trip have been where people are employed to collect it. The situation is worse than Kate and Leigh thought before.

Kate and Leigh did a beach clean on Christmas Day, and hope more and more people care and protect the environment. Kate and Leigh arrived in Sanya on December 27, 2019.

Kate and Leigh are from TRASH RUNNING CHINA. Trash Running China is a social plogging group started in Shanghai: we focus on contributing to our society and environment while also being active.

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