On November 24, 2019, 51Give Tangshan volunteers gathered at Huayi Hotel, Tangshan Harbor Development Zone. The staff had prepared environmental protection products and ocean garbage mobile display to display to volunteers in advance. First of all, volunteers watched the environmental protection products and mobile display. Then the volunteer leader divided the volunteers into five groups and selected five adults as the group leaders. The leader of Tangshan volunteer team is Mr. Fu Biao, Director General of Meijia Public Welfare Network Alliance. He provided training for everyone before beach cleaning up. For example, the concept of environmental protection, the method of monitoring and measurement of beach cleaning scientific research, the method of classification of marine waste and precautions for statistics, etc. According to the procedures, volunteers took the oath at the seaside first, then started beach cleaning and coastline monitoring, and finally took a group photo for volunteers to share.

It was cold, windy, and the tide was coming in and the water was lapping at the shoreline. But the enthusiasm of the volunteers was not reduced. They carefully picked up every garbage, no matter how small it was. A total of 37 volunteers participated in the beaching cleaning event, including a number of volunteers from Tangshan Youda Real Estate and their families. The youngest volunteer was only 3 years old, while the oldest volunteer was 59 years old. Thanks for their support and efforts. It can be seen that everyone attaches great importance to marine protection. A total of 117.71 kg of marine garbage was cleaned up in this event. The garbage was transported to the garbage transfer station for treatment.

Thanks to the training venue provided by Huayi Hotel, Tangshan Harbor Development Zone, 51Give Tangshan volunteers, and the staff and families of Tangshan Youda Real Estate. We give special thanks to Ms. Zhao Hongxia for driving the single row car from home to pull the garbage.

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