Four 51Give volunteers came to the reef of Donghaijiao Sanya to start the beach cleaning event on Nov 26, at 16:20 p.m.

This special reef is very beautiful and the sea view is particularly spectacular. There are often fishermen fishing here and then leaving behind their rubbish. Due to its morning high tide, volunteers went during afternoon low tide to do their clean up. When volunteers came across fisherman, they persuaded them to take their garbage away. During the process of cleaning up, volunteers also encountered two tourists who decided to joined in. After more than an hour of cleaning, volunteers cleaned up 20 kg of garbage. This afternoon’s encounters shows the beautiful synchronicity of the universe when strangers meet each other by chance and find a common beautiful cause.

Volunteers found Sanya city's emblem flowers bougainvillea plums were planted where there used to be a gate.

Thanks to the volunteers who have made contributions to the protection of environment. We deeply wish that more and more citizens will join in the efforts to protect the marine environment.

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