On the morning of December 2nd, the Institute of Deep-sea Science and Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences held the Opening Ceremony of Hainan Marine Ecology Science Exhibition and Whale & Dolphin Museum at the Deep-sea Institute. The event was jointly-organized by the Deep-sea Institute and Hainan NuoYiTeng Marine Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd..

(The host announced the Opening Ceremony of Hainan Marine Ecology Science Exhibition and Whale & Dolphin Museum)

Li Yunkai, Deputy Secretary General of Sanya Government, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Yang Ning, Deputy Director of the Deep-sea Institute, attended the event. Representatives from relevant official units of Hainan Agricultural and Rural Department, Sanya CPPCC Committee, Sanya Science and Technology Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Sanya Tourism, Culture, Television and Sports Bureau, Sanya Science and Technology Association, Sanya Committee of Jiusan Society, Sanya Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, and Sanya Agricultural and Rural Bureau were present. Public welfare organizations and corporations such as Beijing 51Give, Blue Ribbon Marine Conservation Association, Blue Sky Rescue Team, Sanya Haichang Biological Conservation Center, Atlantis Hotel Sanya, and China Golden Eagle Peace Development Foundation that were active in the rescue operation of Meng Ya also attended the event.

(Speech by Li Yunkai, Deputy Secretary General of Sanya Government)

This marine exhibition showcases deep-sea biodiversity observed by the manned submersible, the origin and living habits of whales and dolphins (namely the "cetaceans"), the survival threats and challenges faced by cetaceans, human effects on the living environment of cetaceans, and the many ways individuals can protect the marine ecological environment. The exhibition underlines the importance of the protection of the marine environment and rare marine animals and enhances people's awareness of the current issues facing oceans and marine life.

(“Meng Ya” pilot whale rescue volunteer certificates issued)

There are three main exhibition areas in the exhibition hall: the exhibition board area, whale and dolphin specimen hall and VR experience hall.

(A corner of the exhibition hall)

The museum currently displays 22 specimens of six cetacean species, including both small dolphins and larger whales, as well as inshore animals and deep-diving and far-sea animals.

(Eternal memory: Meng Ya specimen)

Meng Ya, the short-finned pilot whale is also part of the exhibition. 51Give is honoured to have been part of the rescue operation. Meng Ya rescue highlighted the need to view marine mammals as highly sentiment and intelligent mammals who are capable of deep love and complex emotions. We at 51Give deeply wish for a wiser, kinder and greener world that all mammals including humans and whales can enjoy.

The Deep-sea Institute and 51Give welcome the public who care about Meng Ya to visit. Remember to contact us in advance!

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