The rescue mission will have several stages: provide the pilot whale a health check, be chipped and monitored by our ocean scientists, recover her health functions, find her whale family, and then return her for a family reunion.

A short-finned pilot whale called Meng Ya (Sweet Baby) lands on a beach in Sanya on Friday night, June 7, 2019. Far from her mother’s care, she only has us to rely on. Meng Ya, our toddler pilot whale, is estimated to be 10 years old. Pilot whale babies drink mother’s milk from birth and they can nurse up to 8 years.

Rescue efforts from Blue Ribbon volunteers started by the beach. Volunteers left their family meals to go to her side. After much effort, she was transferred to a fenced and covered area at Fanchuan Pier in the middle of the deep ocean.

After receiving blood test results, Meng Ya has low white cell count, has serious organ cell damage especially in the liver, fractured bones and is running a high fever. The edges of the tail have begun to turn white, and necrotic tissue may be further enlarged. Experts suggest to cauterize and remove all white fibrin tomorrow. Her body has become rigid and the toddler whale cannot turn around or keep afloat. Meng Ya is conserving her dropping energy level by keeping her eyes closed and making no sound. Volunteers are round the clock by her side, caring for her, making sure she is afloat and have given her IV fluids and antibiotics intravenously.

Tomorrow, samples from faeces and the stomach will be collected before the first hydration. Volunteers also hope she will be able to feed herself. If she doesn’t feed, then experts plan to make the squid into soup form.

As of the evening of June 8, 2019, Meng Ya has reduced to normal temperature. She also had a big poo in the early evening indicating that her internal system is returning to normal. She was given a lot of water and professional medical attention.

51give has brought volunteers supplies of drinks, fresh fruits, snacks, Zongzi, toilet paper, paper cups, ice in ice boxes, instant noodles, solar powered lights, tea, and coffee today. Meng Ya received donations of squid from Atlantis Hotel Haitang Bay and life critical medicine from 301 Hospital. The Intercontinental Hotel, which is the closest hotel to the rescue site, offered their pool cleaning equipment to make sure Meng Ya has clean water. They are also storing the extra squid and medicine for Meng Ya in their refrigerators. Many institutions and organisations have offered and continue to offer their valuable scientific, medical, logistical and governmental support. The kind volunteers staying with Meng Ya are battling heat, dehydration and exhaustion. They have been courageous and loving in this rescue effort. You are our heroes!

One 51Give volunteer gave the handmade Zong Zi sent by his parents from his hometown in Suzhou to the rescue volunteers.

It is time to reflect the special meaning of this visit from Meng Ya. Rescue means returning Meng Ya to her family. She has landed on our shores during the weekend when Dragon Boat Festival and World Ocean Day coincided. While volunteers have been steadfastly cleaning up the ocean and beaches, a stranded toddler pilot whale came to our shores. We are reminded by the universe that the theme of family reunification and love for our ocean is tied closely together. We are all Earthlings and we are one. To survive the coming change change crisis, we need to see beyond ethnicities and countries, plant and animal species, religion and ideologies to realize that we all call this small beautiful planet Earth home. Thank you Meng Ya for reminding us that we are connected, we are family. Dear Meng Ya, we hope you will feast on Squid Zongzi and enjoy the holidays as much as we do! Love from us to you Meng Ya! Please recover your health soon!

Now Meng Ya has an urgent need for floats to support her floating on the surface. If anyone can provide support, please contact us.

Thank you very much for your hard work and generous support! You have all earned positive karma points!

The assistance units for the rescue activities are as follows:

Atlantis Hotel
Blue Ribbon
Concordia Pet Care
Marinelife Animal Management advisors (Singapore)
Hai Chang Fantasy Land
Hainan International Chamber
InterContinental Sanya Resort
Institute of Deep-sea Science and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
301 General Hospital of the PLA
51Give Socially Responsible Center

If you would like to offer your support, please contact Gao Fei 139 0119 6721 or Shi Bin 135 6758 5587. We really appreciate your kindness!

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